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Best Gun Safe Reviews & Guide

top3A gun safe is a container used to store and protect your firearms and ammunition, and to allow you quick and dependable access to the contents whenever the need arises. Some gun safes have digital keypad locks, some come with biometric (fingerprint recognition) locks, while others user a combination lock or just a regular key. Sizes and capacities differ from safe to safe; some models can store only one handgun, while other can fit dozens of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.

With the above in mind, below is a list of expert gun safe reviews. Each of these best safes has been carefully examined and rated based on dependability, capacity, ease-of-use, fire rating and water protection (where applicable), locking mechanism quality, steel thickness an ease of installation. Simply scroll through the comparison chart and click the “read review” button next to the safe that interests you.


Our Top 5 Thigh Holsters This Year

Thigh Holster AGPTecYou hear somebody say “thigh holsters,” and odds are pretty good your mind is going to wander toward something that a Bond girl might have worn. You know, a slight but sexy strap of leather or lace just functional enough to hold a mini-pistol in place under a dress.

Truth is, though, thigh holsters can be as functional and rugged as any other style holster. They offer a range of benefits, including easier movement, increased comfort, and easy concealment.

You can grab a drop-leg thigh holster that suspends from the belt, or — yes — you can actually pick up small, covert models that really are something like a Bond girl would wear!


Reviews of Leg Holsters – Our Top 5

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg HolsterA man looking for a good holster for his gun sure isn’t going to be short on options. Before you even get into the pros and cons of particular models you’re going to have to decide what style holster you want in the first place — how you want to wear it.

One of the more popular and stylish choices is a leg holster, also known as tactical or thigh holster. These types of holsters are popular with military and police, giving you a nice edge to your appearance if they’re what you end up choosing.

Leg holsters offer a range of benefits so it’s hard to go too far wrong if this is your holster of choice: especially once you’ve read through our guide on the what’s-and-why’s of picking the best one for you.


1911 Holster – What’s the Best Holster for You?

Fobus gun holsterOur 1911 Holster list is right below this short introduction.

Around the turn of the last century, the US Army decided they wanted an auto-loading handgun with ballistic capabilities along the line of the Colt 45. John Moses Browning came up with the 1911 design, and in the hundred odd years since, it’s become one of the most iconic in the history of firearms. In the words of 1911 expert Robert Campbell, it hits like “a velvet-covered brick.”

These days the 1911 pistol is more popular than ever, from exact copies of the original models to updated, tweaked designs. No matter what your personal flavor, it’s hard to go too far wrong. But your choices don’t end once you have your preferred 1911. A good gun needs a good holster, and if you want to pick the right one you can’t just rush off and buy the first one that grabs your eye.


The Best Leather IWB Holsters under $100

IWB HolsterIf you are still looking for the right holster, following is a list of our best leather IWB holsters. Many of us spend a lot of time picking the “right” gun, only to do a sloppy job choosing a comfortable holster.

Why should I choose a leather inside the waistband (IWB) holster?

This is definitely my own preference, but most of my friends would agree that a leather holster which you carry IWB is not just the most comfortable, but also the most effective. Effective here just means that the holster is great to conceal your gun, because no parts of the gun are shown.

What are the different types of IWB leather holsters?

Most holsters are made in a way that easily attaches to your belt or pants. Usually, the holster is attached by either a clip or by loops that your belt fits through.

Here are some examples before we go into the top list.