Our Review Process

Here at BestHolsters.net, we provide our readers with hands-on tests and reviews for some of the most popular gun holsters that you can buy (our data is based on user’s buying trends in major marketplaces and feedback from buyers).

One of the greatest difficulties for review websites is to reach an audience that is as wide as possible. Nevertheless, not everyone shares the same feeling about every product that we review. Therefore, we make sure that we focus our hands-on reviews on two areas: (1) research and (2) reader feedback. For this reason, we would like to encourage you to contribute to our blog.

If you have the feeling that we are missing something or if you have something of value to add to the blog, do not hesitate to send us a quick message via our contact form. Usually, we will get back to within 24-hours, sometimes even quicker.

Again, this is supposed to be a community for people who share the same interest so I would like to connect to all of you and enable each of you to expand your network. Let’s work together!

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