Our Top 5 Thigh Holsters This Year

Thigh Holster AGPTecYou hear somebody say “thigh holsters,” and odds are pretty good your mind is going to wander toward something that a Bond girl might have worn. You know, a slight but sexy strap of leather or lace just functional enough to hold a mini-pistol in place under a dress.

Truth is, though, thigh holsters can be as functional and rugged as any other style holster. They offer a range of benefits, including easier movement, increased comfort, and easy concealment.

You can grab a drop-leg thigh holster that suspends from the belt, or — yes — you can actually pick up small, covert models that really are something like a Bond girl would wear!

Tactical Thigh HolsterTactical Gear Thigh Holster TG221 Series4.8$$
Thigh Holster AGPTecAGPtek Tactical Army Thigh Holster4.3$
Top 3 Thigh HolsterCisno Adjustable Thigh Holster4.4$
Black Holster for ThighSoft Armor Tactical Thigh Holster4.1$
Top 5 Thigh HolsterBlackhawk Omega IV Ultra Universal Light Holster4.9$$$

Why should I get a thigh holster? 


One caveat before I move forward: this doesn’t apply to all thigh holsters. If you’re wearing a drop-leg thigh holster, odds are it’ll rest on the outside of the leg. Generally speaking, this is a better choice for military personnel, law enforcement, and hunters.

But hold the phone – despite this, thigh holsters can in fact offer maybe the best level of concealment of any holster style. There’s a pretty straightforward reason for this: you can wear them under your pants, flush against the thigh!

This is great if you’re looking to take your gun in public but want to make sure you aren’t acting against any concealed carry laws. Unlike holters that might rest over your chest inside your jacket, there’s no chance that somebody standing next to you might catch a glance of your gun – and panic, not realizing you’re a law-abiding citizen.

Great Secondary Option

If you have a preferred 1911 holster already, that’s no reason to overlook thigh holsters. The reason for this is simple: they work great for a secondary weapon.

Ultra minimal thigh holster might not consist of much more than a holster and an elastic/leather band that rest around the thigh. This makes them ideal for mini-pistols or other compact guns.

If you’re looking to carry around a backup weapon, thigh holsters should be your first choice.


Because of the positioning of thigh holsters, you get a few advantages in the comfort department.

First, a thigh holster has its weight distributed to a part of your body that will naturally bear that weight. Studies show than anything carried below the waist is carried more easily, since your torso muscles don’t have to support it.

Second, thigh holsters offer a very secure hold. A thigh holster tends not to slip or flop around. If you’re looking to exercise much with your gun on you, it’s hard not to recommend a thigh holster.

Quick on the Draw

Remember those drop-leg thigh holsters I mentioned earlier? Sure they might not conceal as easy, but they have their own set of advantages. Number one among them is a fast, natural draw.

Drop thigh holsters sit at about exactly the spot that your hands will naturally hang. This means that the time it takes for your hand to travel to your holster is about as short as it can be. Sure, we’re only talking milliseconds: but milliseconds when it comes to a draw can make a pretty big difference.

Now that you’ve gotten a quick rundown on all the benefits a thigh holster can offer you, maybe it’s time to pick one out. Good news for you: we’ve done all the legwork so we could go ahead and bring you this: a report on our five personal favorite thigh holster.


Top 5 Thigh Holster

Tactical Gear Thigh Holster TG221 Series

Tactical Thigh HolsterWhat’s in a name? In the TG221’s case, a heck of a lot. It’s made by tactical gear and sounds like something you might find the military using. The reason for that is because that’s more or less exactly what the TG221 was designed for.

It’s your usual thigh holster with a high amount of customizability. There’s an optional belt-support harness that can be removed. There’s an adjustable and removable leg strap. You have an adjustable thumb-break strap.

Even better, it comes with a supplemental pouch that hangs by the back-end of the holster. This makes it a great holster for long-haul trips. Whether you want to use it for magazines or a utility knife, this is a holster with options.

There’s a bit of heft to this holster, but it’s not a bad thing. In the TG221’s case, it simply feels like the sturdiness you’d expect from a high-caliber product.

While this may mean its slightly more work to carry at its heaviest, the customizability also means that you can strip this down to more bare-bones holster if you want. It has the feel of a product made for one reason: hard use in real situations.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time with your holster and appreciate modular design, than this will be an easy $22 for you to spend.


AGPtek Tactical Army Thigh Holster

Thigh Holster AGPTecTwo words here: military grade. AGPtek has crafted their holster from an extremely light and durable polyester, and I can honestly say that it wears like a dream. There will be times when you’re wearing this holster that you forget you have it on.

It’s not trading off comfort for function, though. What sets the AGPtek apart from our other choices is just how darn tough it its. It’s a no-nonsense holster made for somebody bringing it into a no-nonsense situation.

It might be a bit much if you’re just looking to take a handgun out on your hunting trips, but there’s an attention to detail and design here that just screams “professional.” The holster itself is a reinforced velcro-adjustable shell, and attaches to the thigh with a wide-spaced pair of straps.

If you choose to use it’s drop-belt attachment, you’ll find this sits a bit lower than other holsters. This makes for a slightly more natural draw and higher mobility if you’re on the taller side, so keep that in mind when you’re picking up your holster.

The polyester used here really does manage to set the AGPtek apart. It’s not as flexible or breathable as more commonly used nylon, but the trade-off is an extremely strong product. Putting it on, you feel like you’re making a statement: it’s an all-business holster.


Cisno Adjustable Thigh Holster

Top 3 Thigh HolsterOne thing you have to give the Cisno, even right out the box, is that it’s a nice looking product. A lot of nylon holsters will look “soft” or, if you want to be less nice, cheap. This Cisno is a bold black holsters with quality construction – it’s definitely not the kind of thing you’d be embarrassed to wear!

Looks aren’t everything, of course. Just because it has the appearance of something a seasoned police veteran would wear doesn’t mean it’s a quality product. Fortunately for you, it just so happens it is.

What stood out to me besides the appearance was the quality of construction. Grab one of these. Now pick it up, grip hard, and give it a good tug. What will happen? Nothing at all. It a tough as nails holster that I guarantee will more than pay for its price.

The straps on it adjust easily but hold well, and the buckles offer a tight, firm hold. These are important qualities to a drop-leg thigh holster, but Cisno has made to pay attention to the details and offer a high functioning product.

A standout feature is the holster itself. The outer shell features a velcro/slider adjustable design, meaning that you’re looking at a holster which can give you a great fit for a nice range of pistols.

Some people prefer to pick a holster designed for a single size gun and stick with it, but if you’re looking for that adjustable range, this is your holster. At only $10, it’s a steal.


Soft Armor Tactical Thigh Holster

Black Holster for ThighSoft Armor makes basic but durable products, and this model is no exception. After trying it out some, I’d point chalk it up as a success. It holds your gun well, fits comfortably, and is made of tough nylon.

Worth pointing out is the holster itself. We’re looking at a tough 600D nylon exterior here, which means your gun is going to boast some extra protection.

Beyond that, it has as soft-brushed interior. Odds are pretty low that it’ll take any of the finish off of your gun. Protection on one side, fine care on the other – what more can you ask for?

This is a drop-leg model but manages to stand out by featuring a dual-strap thigh tether system. It’s a nice touch which makes it easier to adjust to a comfortable fit. Not only that, Soft Armor has given us a holster with a very firm hold: after a few hours of wearing, it was still in the same position I put it on.

The holsters fastens with a buckle/velcro combo – probably why it holds a fasten so dang well!

This is a no-frills kind of holster, but what it does, it does well. A good thigh holster will be a comfortable fit, but a bad one will chafe like no other. It’s no small thing, then, to recommend this one as a product that combines high-level comfort and function. A great product to take hunting, and it’ll only run you around $10, depending on size.


Blackhawk Omega IV Ultra Universal Light Holster

Top 5 Thigh HolsterI’ll go ahead and warn you: this one can be a little intimidating to set-up. It’s on one level your usual drop-leg thigh holster with dual-thigh band support, but on the other…let’s just say there’s a lot of velcro on this one, a lot of buckles.

Which as you might imagine means this can be a little tricky to set up. Of course there’s a pay-off, too, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. This is the sturdiest thigh holster I’ve had the opportunity to try.

Once you adjust it around your thighs, it won’t give. Once you attached the holster, it won’t slide whatsoever. Once you put your gun in the holster, it won’t budge even a fraction of an inch. The Blackhawk Omega is an industrial grade thigh holster.

It also boasts a handful of nice features. Most obvious of these is it’s three-point breakaway system. This both looks snazzy and makes it much easier to draw your pistol out in any direction you want without any hitches.

It’s also a comfortable holster. The leg straps end in nylon, but for a large stretch they’re rubberized elastic. That’s a trick material to play around with, because if the tension is too high you’re looking at legs with their circulation cut off; too loose, and you have a slipper holster. Blackhawk, though, got it right with this one.

This is your holster if you’re looking for something extra durable and extra quality. It will cost you a bit more at $60, but it’s worth it. This is the kind of holster you’ll be wearing for a long, long time.


Our Conclusion

A quick look back before you rush out to pick up your new holster. Your best basic options are the Cisno and the Soft Armor. Cisno is comfortable, has a bold look, and features an adjustable holster. All well and good, but the Soft Armor true to its name will offer you an increased level of protection with its dual-layer shell for the gun. Tactical Gear offers a holster with more accessories and more options, but at the potential cost of being a bit heftier. Blackhawk takes all the great features you’ll find on our other discussed holsters and ramps the quality up a few notches, offering a truly premium product. And if you’re looking for an extra-tough, bare bones set-up, your best best is the AGPtek. Happy holstering

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